We get a variety of calls and emails from clients on regular basis, when they are looking to hire photographers for their wedding.We do appreciate clients who spend time going through our work before calling up for enquires. Below are a number of frequently asked questions regarding Wedding Photography and Wedding Films. If you have any doubts beyond these below mentioned points, please feel free to contact us at +91 9884009111 , or mail us at contactus@magicelephants.com. Thank you.

Who are you and what is your approach in photography and films?

We are a group of  Photographers and Film-makers  coming from different backgrounds varying from Photojournalism to Ad Filmmaking’. We would like to describe our method as ‘storytellers’ as our emphasis is finding and telling unique stories the way it unfolds during the big day of your wedding. Our focus will be primarily on the myriads emotions that happen during the wedding day. Our approach is one of being un-intrusive or ‘candid’ as it is called. There will be no interruption from any of us during the event and no staging of any of the ceremonies. It will be recorded as it happens.

Where are you based out of? Do you shoot outside your hometown? If so do you have any extra charge for the same ?

We are based out of Chennai, India. However, we would be more than happy to go anywhere in the world to shoot for you. We would ask you to provide the cost of our travel and accommodation during the number of days we are involved. We request you to provide accommodation close to the venue of the wedding. Other than that, there will be no extra hidden cost incurred in the shooting package.

How many work in your crew?

Our teams would vary from 2 to 8 depending on the scale and the wedding and your requirements.The simple answer is “As many as you like”

Does your package include clicking group pictures and documentary videos as well?

Yes we bring in the people to shoot the same. We would prefer to bring our own team for making documentary photos and videos as well. We would usually not prefer working with several teams on the venue ,as it would be a big hassle to work with a different team that might have a different approach to photography. We would like to be a single point of contact for the entire wedding photography and video. Through our experience we realized it is the best way to work.

We have our family photographer who has been working with us for a long time. Can you work alongside him?

As we mentioned in our previous question we prefer not to work with several teams. However there have been exceptions made and it entirely depends on each ones subjective needs.

So how much do you charge for a wedding?What does this include?

We wish we could give you a straightforward answer. In our experience every wedding has been of a different kind. Some have just a half a day wedding and some could go on for 4 days. So every package depends on the number of days you require our service and the number of people involved in the shoot. Once you contact us with your enquiries we would respond to you with our quote for the wedding.The Wedding Film package typically includes a 6-7 minute highlight video and the longer documentary video. The Photography package includes around  high-resolution Images and a nice Coffee Table Book alongside the same. We share our deliverable to the client via Cloud Sharing. In Short, We can customise based on your requirement.